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Welcome to Mi Casa Es Tu Casa website.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa is a Non profit Association born in Argentina, with the idea of developing meaningful experiences that leave a sign in each one of us.

The place, where the activities are held, is in Mar Azul – Villa Gesell, 380 Km from Buenos Aires, deep in the middle of the forest and 150 meters away from the sea.

The house can accommodate small groups, couples and singles who want to integrate the relaxation of a holiday with participating in some activities related to the  Association.

These are activities we propose along the year:

  • Training Courses for volunteers who wish to HELP the local community
  • Volunteering in services and local Associations dealing with people with social difficulties
  • Spanish, English and Italian language courses
  • Holistic disciplines courses (example: Shiatsu)
  • Sightseeing tours in Argentina

This is an International Association and we welcome people speaking: English, Italian and Spanish.

For more information we invite you to look through the different areas of our website

Thanks to all!


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