Today there are many people who worship their bodies, from simple exercises to many different aesthetic products and food supplements. So the trend is “doing” instead of “feeling” their bodies.

Massage is a bridge to reconnect with our body, get back in touch with our emotions and feelings and restore balance in contact with others.

From the physical point of view you get a better venous return, stimulation of the lymphatic system and improving blood circulation. Moreover, creating heat, increases metabolism, improves the elimination of waste, relax tissues and improves movement.

Therefore, there is a subtler overall energy balance which leads to a general feeling of well-being, a profound physical and mental relaxation, increased sensitivity and ability perception, the sensation of feeling at home in our body.

The massage, which has reigned in the past with great dignity in the medical world, after being overlooked for a certain period of time, is regaining a central place between treatment and prevention techniques.

One of the most effective healing arts that, in addition to changing the physical structure, physiological and postural individual, opens to meditation and self-knowledge.

The main massage techniques used are: Shiatsu and lymphatic drainage

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